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The hope for tomorrow

written by Elaine Almeida

‘You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself’
– The Wizard of Oz

They say that kids have the wildest imaginations and the purest hearts, and the kids at Ashwini Tuition Centre are no exception.

When asked what they wanted to be when they grew up, the kids immediately gave us a variety of answers. They have big ambitions, some want to serve the country and become IPS and IAS officers and even join the army, some want to become journalists and pilots, some want to be doctors, lawyers, accountants, chefs, fashion designer, teachers, nurses, airhostess and so much more! They see a world of endless possibilities, but they don’t know how and if they can get there.

U&I takes special interest in the futures of these kids, volunteers make sure that they’re not just equipping the students to ace exams but also giving them a push towards their ambitions. Most people have to be told they can, before they believe it, especially kids. The U&I volunteers keep pushing these kids to do their best and tell them how to improve. They take special efforts to affirm the kids every time they make an attempt and encourage them every step of the way. No triumph or effort goes without affirming the kids at U&I.

One of the girls at the center wants to become an airhostess, the volunteers encourage her to speak more English and pay special attention to her grammar and pronunciations. Another young boy loves to draw and sketch from comic books, very often the volunteers ask to see new drawings and encourage him to draw more. The kids are told very often to make time for their hobbies and work on their talents.

Volunteers do more than just teach these kids, they give them confidence to strive towards their ambitions through the comfort of a support system and constant encouragement.

All the volunteers have a genuine interest in the work, lives and well being of these kids, which is very evident by the way they teach and interact with the kids. Their love and support for their kids creates a lovely aura at the centre where kids feel confident to be themselves and that is the most beautiful thing about U&I.

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