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Helping hands in Chennai

written by Sivaranjini

A weeks ago, the city of Chennai came to a standstill. Though some considered the never-ending rain a disturbance, others seemed to enjoy the rare sight of so much water in Chennai. At least this was the case in Annal Children’s Home, one of U&I’s teach centres in Velacheri, Chennai. Despite the fact that the cyclone carried away almost everything at the home, the kids managed to see the bright side amidst the heavy downpour.

As rain water took temporary residence at the Children’s Home, the kids were shifted to Pallikaranai, 5 kms away from the Home. U&I volunteers rushed to collect sufficient clothes and groceries for the displaced children. Thanks to social media and technology, a simple act of spreading the word brought several NGO’s and individuals forward to help. U&I provided financial support and the volunteers raised additional funds amounting to Rs.45,000.       

Special thanks to all the welfare associations who ran out to help as quickly as possible. The Rotary Club of Adayar provided the children with household provisions and electrical appliances; the Lion’s Club helped them with provisions and books while the American School provided them notebooks and clothes. Pallikaranai Welfare Association helped arrange food for the kids and also transferred them back to the centre later. Additionally, the residents of Pallikaranai were very helpful in this time of need.

Everyone did their bit to make sure the kids were comfortable and faced no issues during the never-ending rain. People usually don’t put this sort of effort to help someone they hardly know unless there is something in it for them. This situation was no different. Everyone from the NGO volunteers to the neighbours had one simple motivation and that was to see smiles on the faces of the children. Thanks to them, these children had nothing to worry about and could just enjoy playing in the puddles and catching fish.

In times like this you realise that adversity brings the best out in people. Especially when people are starting to lose faith in humanity owing to recent incidents such as the Paris attack, it was heart-warming to see people turn up in such huge numbers to help others who are in need. It’s times like these when you realise that there is no weapon stronger than love.

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